We've scoured the internet far and wide to see if we could discover some of the craziest alien conspiracy theories surrounding the state.

After taking a deep dive into the dark depths of the internet, we came across some interesting conspiracy theories surrounding extraterrestrial life in Colorado, and let us tell you, they do not disappoint. Grab your tinfoil hat and maybe a snack or two, because we're about to explore some of the more bizarre alien conspiracy theories in Colorado.

Will your perception of aliens change after reading these theories? ... Probably not. But one can hope.

Alien Portals in Grand Junction

Way back in 2008, an article was posted by the Daily Sentinel that contained the reports of people seeing lights, "star" people, things "not of this earth," and other strange occurrences in Grand Junction. Apparently, underneath the Grand Valley is a huge facility that contains vortexes and portals for aliens to come and go as they see fit. According to a woman who reported these strange occurrences, "Humans can't see them because they exist in different dimensions than humans occupy." So, not only are these portals used as a mode of travel for alien lifeforms, but they're also part of a separate dimension that the average human is incapable of seeing. Seems pretty solid.

NORAD + Aliens?

One of the more well-known theories on our list is that NORAD in Colorado Springs is an alien contact point. Thanks to the TV show Stargate, which portrays NORAD as the main base for the Milky Way, the mountain-based facility has been subject to many conspiracy theories. For instance, one of the theories says that there are "alien-hybrid children" hidden in the base and that there are cloning facilities and human-alien military bases underground, meaning humans and aliens are working together. Let's be honest, when has that ever worked out? Yeah, thought so.

Cattle Mutilations in San Luis Valley

Journey back to 2009 with me as we look into the cattle mutilations that occurred in the San Luis Valley. Now, before we dive in, please note this one is not for the faint of heart, so fair warning ... Four calves were all killed overnight, with their innards gone, tongues cut out, udders removed, facial skin sliced and gone, and eyes picked away. No tracks, no blood, no remaining evidence of the mutilations were ever discovered. The calves were found in pastures locked behind two gates and a mile from the road. What could have possibly done this? Well, theories point to a pretty clear answer: those little gray guys in UFOs. Read more about this in the Denver Post.

Alien Bunker in Mount Blanca

Looks as if cattle mutilations aren't the only alien encounters occurring around the San Luis Valley. Mount Blanca has reportedly been a huge "hot spot" for alien encounters and sightings. If conspiracy theories are anything to go by, an underground alien base is hidden beneath the peak's caverns. Many of the southwestern tribes share stories of how their ancestors migrated through those caverns below Mount Blanca, San Luis Lakes, and the Great Sand Dunes National Park region. There are also theories about a secret military mission into the mountain to weed out the aliens living there.

So, are these conspiracy theories exactly that: theories? Or is there some truth behind them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And if you've got any other interesting conspiracy theories circulating about our great state, let us know! Stay weird, Colorado.