Big mood.

Hello and goodbye. That was basically what defunct video rental company Blockbuster said as it briefly resurfaced on Twitter on Tuesday, August 11, after a six-year absence. 

The first tweet showed up around 9 a.m.


And Twitter was pretty welcoming ...

Then alas, not even eight hours later, Blockbuster decided to descend back into the hole from whence it came ...


Of course, Twitter had a heyday responding to that as well.


A little social distance humor:


And the question we're all asking:

The one thing we wish Blockbuster would have settled before slipping back into darkness? Whether or not Shazaam really existed. You know they know!

If you're really in need of a Blockbuster fix, there is one lone Blockbuster still alive in Bend, Oregon. This week, they announced that they'll be turning the store into an Airbnb for three nights in September, for the ultimate '90s sleepover. 

To be honest, we don't blame Blockbuster for taking one look at 2020 and deciding to skedaddle. But what say you? Should they give it another go? Is Blockbuster what we all need right now? Tell us in the comments!