Here are the 10 most popular pet breeds in Denver.

It’s no secret that the good people of Denver love their four-legged friends and family members. I mean, we have dog-friendly restaurants and bars, cat-themed cafes, not to mention pet-friendly events all over town.

Denver Animal Protection has information on all the pets registered in Denver, as well as lost and stray pets, and with all of that information, they were able to break down the most popular pet companions in the Mile High City.

Denver’s Top 10 Pets, Based on Pet Licenses Sold in the Last Five Years:

  1. Labrador Retriever

  2. Domestic Shorthair Cat

  3. Short Haired Chihuahua

  4. German Shepherd

  5. Boxer

  6. Golden Retriever

  7. Australian Cattle Dog

  8. Border Collie

  9. Siberian Husky

  10. Australian Shepherd

Denver pet breeds


 Courtesy of Denver Animal Protection

The data used for this list includes self-reported breeds, meaning owners do not have to prove the breed, so this may influence the reality of the pet population in Denver right now. While this information is helpful and insightful, it's not all-inclusive nor a 100 percent true-to-life representation.

One quick point, not only were chihuahuas the third most registered pet, but they are also highly populated in areas where higher numbers of stray dogs were caught. This could be due to many factors; chihuahuas are one breed that tends to be quite crafty and manages to find ways to wriggle themselves out of holes and openings larger dogs may not fit through.

In Denver, all dogs and cats are required by law to be licensed through Denver Animal Protection. Fees from the pet licenses are used to help fund the different services that Animal Protection provides. Registering a pet is advisable for many reasons, but one of the main ones is because if a pet becomes lost or escapes, the registration will help reunite pet and owner, if found. Too many animals get picked up as lost or strays and do not make it back to their owners due to not being able to find out who the pet belongs to.

Licensing is available online, in person, and by mail. There are also plenty of adorable lost pups and kitties that need a good home. You can check out the adoptable pets at Denver Animal Protection here.

Do you have any pets that made the most popular pet list? Do you think this list accurately represents the pets in your neighborhood? Let us know what you think and share your favorite pet or dog breed in the comments.