Are you "woke" enough to leave your Christmas decor up?

February 2 marks Día de la Candelaria, aka "Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin" or the "Presentation of the Lord." It's a Latin-American holiday with religious significance and observed by many Mexican-Americans. And here's the special note: Christmas decorations stay up until after February 2. If your Christmas decorations are still up, there is no shame—unless of course, you have a "real" Christmas tree. Seriously, it's beyond a fire hazard now. But I digress.

In the tradition of El Día de Reyes which begins on January 6, it marks the journey of the three wise men. Families begin their Christmas observance by exchanging three gifts to commemorate the wise men on this day, and the tradition is observed throughout January. It reaches its celebration completion on Día de la Candelaria which is February 2, and families close out the month-long tradition with a gathering of loved ones and a traditional feast (with Christmas decor, I might add) to mark the end of the observance.

And although I am not Mexican-American, I am very thankful that America is a melting pot of so many ethnicities, cultures, and traditions. It's what makes America so unique and special. And that's why leaving your Christmas decorations up into the late months of winter will make any snowflake shiver if they've already taken their Christmas decor down. Because for the rest of us with Christmas lights and trees still gracing our homes day in and day out, somehow we've managed to be more "woke" than most of America by both commemorating Día de la Candelaria and Groundhog Day. Happy February 2! 

Are your Christmas decorations still up? Which piece is the most daunting to take down? Let us know in the comments.