At the very least, it's the creepiest place you've ever seen.

The first week I moved to Richmond, a friend immediately asked me, "Wait, have you been to Hollywood Cemetery yet?!" This question struck me as irrevocably odd. Why would I have been to the cemetery? This friend described it as "probably the most interesting place in the city." While that might be a stretch, it is definitely not your usual house of the dead.

The cemetery holds the remains of several presidents and many historical figures. If you're too creeped out to go at night, you can take a Highlights of Hollywood Cemetery walking tour. This prospect appealed to me, because first of all, it's very a weird way to spend a morning, and second of all, it's free. So I was completely down. And I went.

I would not exactly describe it as a "local hotspot," because everyone there is dead.

However, Hollywood Cemetery is an absolutely fascinating archive of our cultural history. In case you ever feel like going, here's your visual guide to this semi-terrifying place.

Hollywood Cemetery in Images

Hollywood Cemetery, A Grave That Is Definitely Not Haunted (Courtesy of E. Alvin)


Lost At Sea, Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA (Courtesy of Pinterest)


Jefferson Davis Memorial, Hollywood Cemetery (Pinterest)


Mausoleum, Hollywood Cemetery (Pinterest)


Crypt of W.W. Pool, the alleged "Richmond Vampire." (Courtesy of RVA News)


Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA

Logan family mausoleum, Hollywood Cemetery 


Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA

Weeping Angel, the grave of William N. Worthington, Hollywood Cemetery (Courtesy of Pinterest)

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.  (Legend says that he roams the cemetery at night.)

Black Dog statue, who allegedly roams the grounds at night (Courtesy of M. Obscura)


Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA

Angel on a cross, Hollywood Cemetery (Courtesy of Flickr)


hollywood cemetery

Atkinson angel, Hollywood Cemetery (Courtesy of Pinterest)

Hollywood Cemetery

Hollywood Cemetery angel (Courtesy of Pinterest)


Mausoleum, Hollywood Cemetery (Courtesy of E. Alvin)


Pyramid at Hollywood Cemetery (Courtesy of Times-Dispatch)


Image result for hollywood cemetery photos

Resting place of President John Tyler, Hollywood Cemetery (Courtesy of Richmond On The James)


Absolutely terrifying, right? The cemetery is also home to President James Monroe, John Tyler, and Jefferson Davis' burial sites. It's history, but wow—if anything was haunted, it would be this!

Have you ever been to Hollywood Cemetery? Do cemeteries creep you out? Share your stories in the comments.