You love getting a good deal on travel, right?

If you’re visiting Washington, D.C., have family or friends visiting, or just need a staycation at a hotel in the area, you know getting a hotel in the city can get pricey. But with the Hotel Tonight app, it doesn’t have to be. Hotel Tonight is an app that offers incredibly discounted rates on hotels across various cities in the United States, with one contingency. You book spontaneously, close to when you would actually check in. The best deals happen when you use the app a day before or even same-day. Hotels do not want vacant rooms, and to keep their hotel as full as possible, many will collaborate with Hotel Tonight to offer those unused rooms to the app users. Within a day of your stay, the property is sure to know what rooms are available and will feel more of an urgency to fill them. Hence, the lower prices.
However, if you need to book a little bit further in advance, Hotel Tonight lets you book about a month out, and all the hotels are still discounted at some sort of rate. This is a great app if you’re just doing a weekend trip somewhere, or you are on a business trip and don’t need to have the logistics figured out too far ahead of time. It’s also a useful tool for a staycation, because if you live in D.C. and want to get away from your own apartment, you can use the app same-day. The app will also label what kind of vibe each hotel has, whether it be luxe or trendy, or just a nice solid, basic place to spend the night. It will also provide descriptions of what’s included in the price you’re paying. The hotel reserves the right to choose what kind of room you get; sometimes it’s a standard one, other times you may get a suite! You can learn more about and download the Hotel Tonight app here. [caption id="attachment_10137" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]app Courtesy of[/caption] And if you love saving money on travels, check out this article on where to find the best flight deals. Do you have any tools you use to get good deals on hotels? Share the love with us in the comments below!

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