People all over the nation are raiding Costcos to prepare for the spread of the coronavirus. Check out these hilarious tweets about the madness. 

The coronavirus has us all acting like its the end of the world. People are raiding Costcos, toilet paper is flying off the shelves, and social media posts are spreading faster than coronavirus itself. Check out some of the funniest tweets we've found, showcasing the hysteria and madness that is coronavirus. 

People all across the nation are preparing for the spread of the coronavirus by rushing to Costco and stocking up on the essentials. 

And just like any natural disaster, people are going mad stocking up on water. 

Despite having access to free running water. 

And toilet paper, despite there being no connection between coronavirus and irregular bowel movements. 


But at least the debacle is encouraging people to think outside of the box. 

Or think like they're in a video game. 

While others are taking advantage of the situation. 

Coronavirus has also helped us reveal what's truly important to us all. Some people stocked up on the things they can't live without.

Then, there was this man. 

But the biggest joke of all, was on everyone who also decided to try the Costco samples. Little did they know, their little trip to protect against coronavirus could've been their biggest downfall. 

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