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A crown jewel of the South (or at least of Virginia), Richmond has attracted countless tourists, small business owners, and kids that couldn't afford to live in New York. We're a vibrant epicenter of culture boasting a nationally-recognized art scene, the best museums in Virginia, a really impressive craft beer culture, and the highest ratio of dead Confederate generals per capita of any city in the Commonwealth.

We have amazing food, cool local bookstores, Little Free Libraries, the liveliness of a city tempered with the impermeability of Southern hospitality, visually stunning architecture, and a sense of smug superiority that is overall entirely justified.

As spring approaches (a bit prematurely, but don't worry, the earth is fine), let's check in on all the hot new trends and total must-dos that you can expect to see this season. Let's look at all the hot trends taking the city by storm as we head into 2020. 

1. Gentrification

whole foods in richmond

Thank you, Jeff Bezos (Courtesy of WTVR)

You know it's all the rage when you see it everywhere you go.

2. Abandoned Scooters on West Cary Street

abandoned bird scooters

Bird scooter contemplates his fate (Courtesy of LA Times)

Bonus points if it's actively obstructing traffic.

3. 16 Bernie Bumper Stickers Plastered on a 1998 Honda Civic

car with bernie sanders bumper stickers

Honestly don't care who your candidate is, you have to respect the artistry here.
This woman will singlehandedly drive us to a world of progress and change. (Courtesy of Twitter)

Say the word "Iowa" in Black Hand Coffee and a flock of mustached men will literally kill you.

4. Rage RVA (That New Place Where You Can Pay to Smash A Car)

rage room


This isn't a crime scene. This is satisfaction. Thank God the market is finally catering to our culture's slightly unstable tendencies. (Courtesy of Rage RVA)

People will not stop recommending this to me anytime I give an opinion on anything. Do I have an aggressive vibe?

(This place actually looks really cool.)

5. Compostable Things

compostable straws

You're compostable. (Courtesy of Flickr)

I'll pay 50 cents more for my disposable utensils to feel a little bit less like a monster.

6. Vaccines

oregon trail

Courtesy of Twitter

Vaccines are all the rage, and it seems like even the most "free-range" hippies are taking the time to get their flu shots. It's so nice that as a culture we are collectively invested in surviving, and not in dying from diseases we got in the Oregon Trail.

7. Intermittent Fasting


Conor McGregor, being... himself. (Courtesy of Conor McGregor and himself)

I'm extremely tired of hearing about this one, and no, I don't want to hear about that episode of Joe Rogan.

8. Counterfeit Juul Pods from the Ukraine

flavored juul pods

Flavored Juul Pods other than menthol & tobacco were banned from sale and removed from circulation in October 2019. (Image Courtesy of CNBC)

Now for sale at nearly every corner store near you. Since Virginia banned flavored Juul pods, the 18-21-year-old vaping market has transformed into a Prohibition-like Wild West. Some convenience store owners, feeling the cut in profits since the ban, have started investing in knockoff flavored Juul pods—some in identical packaging. This is a bad trend. However, some kids are quitting! The law does seem to have worked in cutting down on youth vaping. If you can't ban it outright, kill it with inconvenience.

*Note: If you see these, do not buy them. All flavored Juul pods were recalled from stores with the exception of menthol and tobacco flavors, so if you see any other flavors for sale at stores, be suspicious. Even though the packaging appears similar or even identical, many of these are counterfeit imitations manufactured in China or Eastern Europe, purchased by convenience store suppliers hoping to meet demand. These "Juul pods" contain unknown chemicals that can cause overheating within your device, causing you to directly inhale the burnt liquid, which can make you extremely sick. I make jokes, but do not purchase these. They are extremely dangerous.

9. Calling Movies "Films"

adam driver in a fedora

Man explains things. (Courtesy of Watch Mojo)

See Also: Calling movies "cinema." "Features." "Series" (even though the American term is season, and you're not British), etc. Going out of your way to refer to the main character as "the protagonist."

10. Lying to Friends About Your Gig Economy Side Hustle, But Knowing They've Definitely Got One, Too


How do you think I get the money to go to all those bars with you? (Courtesy of Financial Times)

I'm not one of those people, I swear. But I've got student loans to pay.

11. Plain Colors & Neutral Tones

Girls in matching gray knitted sweaters smiling

"I am so happy! I am wearing the things that other people also wear." (Courtesy of LiveKindly)

Um. Girls are wearing these these days?

12. Intellectual Takes on Letterkenny

Letterkenny characters in birthday hats

The crown achievement of man's theoretical innovation can be witnessed in this photo, clearly. (Courtesy of "Letterkenny "on Hulu/Thrillist)

To be fair, you have to have a pretty high IQ to understand Letterkenny.

13. Accepting That Potholes on Monument Avenue Are Apparently Just a Feature of This City


"Would you like to come right in me, or swerve through traffic like a crazy person to escape the fragile perimeter of my crested ridge? Surrender yourself to my gravelly pit. You want to. You're going to hit me eventually. You have no choice." (Courtesy of Pexels)

It's not going to change.

14. Cold-Pressed Juice


So fresh, so clean, so young, so disposable income and electrolytes. Antioxidants? Free radicals? Alkaline? Organic? Pure? Raw? The most pomegranate of them all? I am all of these things. I am cold-pressed juice. (Courtesy of Raw)

According to everyone, it's better.

15. Climate Change

man walking in blizzard

"Yes, my sweetr grandson. Back in my day, we had a thing called seasons! It never snowed in August, and it was never 70 degrees in December. I know, I know. Much different times." (Courtesy of NYT)

Ha! We can deal with that later, right?

Tag yourself if you got called out, or if you're not from Richmond what do you love/hate about your city? Tell us in the comments!