Break out the flannels and vests because here comes fall!

You'd never really guess it if you were to judge the season change by the temperature, but fall is literally just around the corner. On September 23 at 3:50 a.m. EDT (1:50 a.m. MDT), we will make yet another seasonal transition into the time of vests, boots, and flannels everywhere. 

fall han solo season

Here are a few cool facts about fall and the equinox!

1. The fall equinox signals a few things for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere (for those south of the equator, it signals the start of spring): summer is officially over (though meteorological fall started on Sept. 1), the nights will be longer than the days, and everything under the sun is now pumpkin spice flavored, scented, and tinted, with an occasional smattering of apple cider availability. 

2. The fall equinox is actually the exact moment each September, between the 21st and 23rd, that the sun will sit directly above the equator. It's also the time of the year that is as close to 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of night as the world gets. After that, the night starts taking over, and we sled into the long, long, long winter evenings. 

3. The wardrobe choices (layers, layers, and more layers), are more in line with that hot-wing-and-french-fry physique that I have been working super hard on since last fall. I know I'm not alone in this.

 fall sweater body

The leaves this fall in Colorado are supposed to be nothing short of spectacular, and they are slated to start pretty close to the equinox and continue changing into October. This year's very wet spring combined with hotter temps in recent months are ensuring that Mother Nature will put on quite a show. 

So flannel up and check out seven wonderful drives through the high country that will help you get your fall on! 


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