Teachers are heroes who deserve our utmost thanks, and Hallmark is helping us do just that.

Hallmark is challenging all of us to "share gratitude with free cards." We've all had a rough go at 2020, and teachers have persevered throughout many twists and turns in their vital careers in education. From creating experiences for remote learning to navigating ever-changing COVID-19 parameters, teachers have stepped up to the challenge and continue to educate our children.

Teachers create lesson plans and navigate online learning with fidgety first graders. Teachers spend their evenings grading papers. Teachers respond to questions from students, teachers, and administration. And some teachers are also parents who are helping their own children with online learning.

It's a lot. And it needs to be recognized.

Head on over to Hallmark to request your three-pack of free cards. You'll need to enter your name, email, and mailing address. Please allow up to 30 days to receive cards. Hallmark is giving away one million cards, while supplies last.

"We're giving away one million cards so students and their families can thank teachers, school administrators, and staff that inspire us every day," said Hallmark.

Creative Ways to Thank a Teacher

Hand-written cards are often at the top of a teacher's wish list. Just the fact that the teacher feels noticed and appreciated makes a huge difference. Especially in this season, skip over the idea of giving homemade baked goods. But there are plenty of other ideas to help teachers feel special and appreciated.

You can give the gift of a movie night with some packaged popcorn and a gift card to Redbox Consider gift cards to teacher supply stores, coffee shops, and even department stores like Target.

How will you thank a teacher this season? Share your ideas in the comments below.