Meet Nhi Aronheim.

If there were ever a time to hear a message of hope, love, and unity it would be now. And who better to deliver this message than a 4'9" Vietnamese refugee woman who beat all the odds to come to America; adopted by a southern Christian family, married to a Jewish man, converted to Judaism, and captured the American dream. Nhi Aronheim is her name and soon the whole world will know her name, too.

Our Community Now had the opportunity to sit down with Nhi and her husband, Jeff, for an exclusive interview before her May 25 book release, Soles of a Survivor: A Memoir. We got a peek behind the curtain of her late-night writing sessions (that picture), her three families: American, Jewish, and Vietnamese; her rub with "the dog," her take on soul mates, and her feet.

It didn't take us long to figure out that Nhi's life experience and personality can't possibly be contained in just the pages of her memoir, but it's a good introduction to getting to know the incredible "Jewitnamese" wife of 20 years, a mom to two teenagers and a dog, and a woman who hula hoops for 30 minutes straight every day and "volunteers" as a court mediator in retirement. Oh, and she wrote this book on the side!

Soles of a Survivor: A Memoir releases on May 25 and is sold wherever books are sold. Enter by Thursday, May 27 to win a FREE copy at @denver_now. Learn more about Nhi and follow her @nhi_aronheim.

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