The leaves already turning, but the region still has two weeks before the colors are at the peak.

As temperatures cool and fall begins to set in, we begin to anticipate the turning of the leaves. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact time the colors will be at their peak, but the folks at Smoky Mountains National Park have made it easier. The park has created a map of the United States that uses scientific data to predict the change of the leaves by region. The leaves in Maryland are expected to look the best around October 26, 2020. So grab a camera and your famliy and head to these great locations in Maryland to enjoy the leaves before they're gone.

Brookside Gardens

Brookside Gardens in fall

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Located in Wheaton, this 50-acre park is popular for daily walks and consists of several different gardens. The main area features large trees, walking paths, and a Japanese tea house. The park has numerous flower beds filled with seasonal buds and a terrace with a gazebo for weddings and events. Brookside Gardens is open dawn to dusk, and no pets are allowed.

Grist Mill Trail, Patapsco Valley State Park

Patapsco Valley State Park suspension bridge

Image by Nicolas Raymond / Creative Commons BY via Flickr

The Grist Mill Trail is home to the swinging bridge, a suspension bridge that crosses over to Orange Grove. The trail provides stunning views and is surrounded by greenery, waterfalls and rock formations. The park is open from dusk to 10 p.m. daily. The closest access to the trail is the parking at the Avalon.

Baker Park

Baker Park

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Baker Park is located near downtown Frederick and includes a 58-acre park of walking paths, playgrounds, and a lake. The 75-year-old park has several landmarks perfect for pictures including a granite bellower and a red roof-covered walking bridge. Carroll Creek runs through the park and is home to a variety of birds and wildlife.

Gwynns Falls Leakin Park

fall leaves

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Gwynns Falls Park is a city park that features a number of landmarks from the early 1900s. The park features a ton of greenery and a 15-mile trail popular with bicyclists and hikers. The trail has nine different entrance points throughout the city that provide access and parking. The trail is maintained by the Gwynn Falls Trail Advocates.

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