Here are our picks for best Denver neighborhoods where you'll get more bang for your buck—er, treats for your efforts ... Whatever.

With Halloween landing on a school night, you're not gonna want to wander aimlessly up and down dark streets for hours with cranky, costumed kiddos and no candy in sight! Ain't nobody got time for that! Check out our list of neighborhoods in the area that are known for being affluent (so they tend to give more candy) and have houses close enough together to make the trick-or-treating experience quick and productive!


The best way to describe the Stapleton neighborhoods' Halloween atmosphere is as a giant festive costume party with unending candy pouring out of cute, idyllic houses. Short sidewalks, strings of bright orange lights, and thousands of friendly people combine to create an indescribable vibe. Map it here!
The combination of a massive number of kids, a ton of homes close together, safe streets, and lots of homeowners in the Halloween spirit – and willing to disgorge copious amounts of candy to neighbors and total strangers alike – makes Stapleton a veritable mecca for trick-or-treaters," says Stapleton resident Brendan Loy, who estimates he and his wife hand out at least 1,200 pieces of candy each Halloween. "Not only do the neighborhood kids come out in force, but countless people from surrounding neighborhoods drive into Stapleton just so their kids can trick-or-treat here."

One year Loy even took a timelapse video of the trick-or-treating frenzy. Check it out here:

Stapleton Denver - Halloween Craziness! from Brendan Loy on Vimeo.

Cherry Creek

Everyone in Denver knows that the words "Cherry Creek" mean wealth. And beautiful homes. And consequently, candy. Bordered by University, Steele, Colorado, and East 6th Avenue, the Cherry Creek neighborhood homes will almost certainly be decked out with Halloween decor—with residents waiting to dole out handfuls of candy into your kiddos' bags. And if you cover this neighborhood and are looking for another, head north into Congress Park, a community also known for being a trick-or-treating jackpot. Map it here!

6th Avenue West

On the far west side of the metro area lies a sweet little neighborhood that's always ripe with Halloween spirit! Located just southeast of 6th Avenue West and Indiana Street in Golden, the houses on these streets are well-kept and tidy, with a stable, family-friendly vibe. If you live in Lakewood, Golden, or Wheat Ridge (and your neighborhood sucks at Halloween), then this cute community is a perfect place to take your costumed little ones. Map it here!


A little more central to the metro area is the Meadowlark neighborhood, just south of West 6th Avenue between Garrison and Carr, in Lakewood. With four schools within one mile of the neighborhood, you can trust the community to be pretty family-friendly. Modest brick houses and neat lawns line the slightly curved streets, and the "word on the street" is that there are always tons of porch lights on! Map it here!


Just east of the Cherry Creek neighborhood lies Hilltop, with its gorgeous, perfectly spaced houses. This neighborhood is a hotspot for trick-or-treaters because the people who can afford to live in Hilltop can also afford to fill candy bags with the best, most quality loot—and lots of it. You'll find Hilltop between Colorado and Monaco, and Alameda and East 6th Avenue. Map it here!

Want to know how your neighborhood stacks up as a trick-of-treating destination? Or want to let neighbors know that your porch light will be on? Check out your neighborhood on Nextdoor to see which residents are committed to participate in trick-or-treating on October 31. Everyone, be safe out there! And Happy Halloween! Did we miss your favorite neighborhood for trick-or-treating? Want to share it with us? Please leave a comment below!