The NFL Draft is happening under quarantine, and we can't get enough of the team execs' living situations. 

Arguably, one of the most interesting aspects of the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday was the peek into each coach's or team executive's home—er, yacht. Or bunker. Or, well ... We'll let you decide. The wide array of living situations was absolutely fascinating. Check them out.

Let's start with the commissioner, Roger Goodell, broadcasting from his man cave in the basement:


The Vikings' Mike Zimmer apparently mounts the heads of his enemies on the wall ...


"Ain't no party like a Mike Vrabel draft party..." So much to unpack here.


The Cardinals' Kliff Kingsbury casually showed everybody up with this posh view (and got lots of flak for it):


While Super Bowl champ Andy Reid rocked a Hawaiian shirt in his cramped basement:


The Broncos' John Elway was definitely taking advantage of the moment to show off the team's trio Lombardi trophies. Here's a question: Were they special-delivered from Dove Valley? Or does he keep them permanently in his basement?


The Buffalo Bills aren't messing around with that gridded whiteboard in the coach's home rec room:



This thread about the Patriots' Bill Belichick is on-point:


Nothing like the Bengals pairing the first overall pick with some appropriate modesty:


And then ... nobody does draft rooms like Jerry.

What was your favorite NFL draft room? Tell us in the comments!