A Maryland man named Zach Holt volunteered to drive a rescued dog named Zimba all the way home from Maryland to Kansas.

The Proclaimers said that they would walk 1,000 miles to make it to their love's door. One Maryland man decided to drive even further to reunite a lost dog with its owner in Wichita, Kansas. Zimba is an eight-year-old pit bull mix that was abandoned along Maryland's Eastern Shore by its owner's former-boyfriend. Eventually, the Caroline County Humane Society picked Zimba up. After checking the data stored on Zimba's microchip, they were shocked to learn that she belonged to a woman named Ikea Mosley who lives in Wichita. The humane society reached out to Mosley, but she was struggling to figure out how to get Zimba back home. She couldn't make the journey to Maryland because she had family and work commitments. When she contacted the airlines, she was told that she would not be able to fly Zimba home alone. “I’m a single mom, so I wasn’t able to get away from work and get to him, if I could have I would have drove all the way to get him,” Mosley explained.
That is when a local volunteer decided to step up and make the reunion happen. Zach Holt, a humane society volunteer, agreed to make the 1,300-mile trek from Ridgely, Maryland to Wichita, Kansas. He documented his journey on social media and the random act of kindness quickly went viral. On December 7, Zach finally rolled into Wichita and finally brought Zimba and Mosley back together. The moment the two were reunited was captured, but Zimba's tail was wagging so fast, the camera had a hard time focusing on it!Zimba The Carolie County Humane Society posted an update on their social media page.
Zimba ... safe and content. We would like to once again thank all of you who have followed, supported, donated and cheered on Zach and Zimba during their awesome adventure. And, of course, we can never thank Zach enough for driving all the way from Ridgely, MD to Wichita, KS to make one family's.... and one dog's... Christmas wish come true. There truly is no place like home.
https://www.facebook.com/CarolineCountyHumane/photos/a.10151499665290329.543357.378253640328/10157150066580329/?type=3 While the story is certainly uplifting, it also serves as a reminder that there are so many lost pets who will not be spending the holidays with their families this year. While it is common for people to volunteer at food banks during the holiday season, it is important to remember that human societies and shelters are also struggling to keep up with demand as well.
This week, the Caroline County Humane Society also posted to their Facebook page that their food pantry is dangerously low. "HELP!!!!! Our pet food pantry is EXTREMELY LOW! We are desperate need of dry cat and dog food!" they posted to social media, hoping to capitalize on the publicity they received from Zach and Zimba's journey. If you are able, consider donating a bag of dog or cat food to your local shelter or humane society and bring a Christmas meal to a puppy or kitten in need!

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