Between July 21 and December 9 of this year, several temporary Metro track and station closures will be in effect.

Metro has announced station closures and temporary service schedule changes that will affect riders at different points during the second half of 2018. The Capital Project and SafeTrack initiatives are scheduled to begin right after this year’s Baseball All-Star Game, to be held at Nationals Park in July. Once the throngs of tourists and baseball fans have left town, two Red Line stations will shut down for 45 days, between July 21 and Labor Day. As the Brookland and Rhode Island Avenue stations will be closed, Red Line train service between Fort Totten and the No-Ma-Galludet stations will be suspended and passengers should use the Green Line as an alternate route. During the closures, Red Line trains will only operate between the Shady Grove and No-Ma-Galludet stretch and separately along the Fort Totten and Glenmont stretch, with each providing service on the opposite ends of the line.

Downtown Metro Service

Single track service planned on the Blue, Silver and Orange Lines between August 11 and 26 on a stretch of busy downtown stations will result in service delays and congestion. As track work is conducted during the period, service plans will be altered, significantly reducing the service between Smithsonian and McPherson Square on each of the three lines.

Early November Station Closures

In the month of November, the Reagan National and Crystal City stations will close from November 2 to 5.   While the two stations are closed, Metro will provide rail passengers a free shuttle bus between Pentagon City and Braddock Road, and the announced delays will not count towards Rush Hour Promise refunds.

Temporary Closure of the Yellow Line D.C./VA Bridge

Between November 26 and December 9, and as work as part of the planned Capital Project commences, the Potomac River Yellow Line Bridge will close, and service on the line will only be available between National Airport and Huntington. Passengers traveling between Virginia and the District should use the Blue Line during the closure.

Spring and Summer Holiday and Event Service Schedules

Area residents will be glad to hear that despite the planned service interruptions and closures, ongoing track work will be suspended during upcoming holidays and events taking place in the District through July to help facilitate the large crowds and increased traffic flow. During the March 10 Rock’N’Roll Marathon, weekends of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, the fourth of July ,and during MLB All-Star Week at Nationals Park (July 13-17), Metro trains will run on a normal schedule.

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