Logan Circle is the quintessential Washington, D.C., neighborhood.

Here you’ll find historic row homes, charming tree-lined streets, and an active food and drink scene. The crowd is diverse -- people tend to be hard-working professionals who love a good night out. 14th Street Corridor, one of the coolest places in town to go out, runs right through Logan Circle, giving it the privilege to be home to some of the best restaurants in the city. Here is what you need to know about the Logan Circle neighborhood.

The Vibe:

Logan Circle has that cozy residential vibe that really makes a neighborhood a community. You’ll find that all sorts of people live here, from well-to-do families, to young professionals, to a fair amount of lower to middle class residents. Its best qualities are that it is both scenic and diverse; the people who live here love living here and work hard to maintain the space and keep it at its best. They also love a fun time, and you’ll find plenty of flourishing bars and restaurants. However, because the population does tend to be mid 20s and over, the nightlife is a bit more sophisticated and grown up.

Best/Cutest Street:

Every single street in Logan Circle is picturesque. That’s not to say that there aren’t a couple that stand out among the rest, but in most of Logan Circle, you’ll find mature trees, historic row houses, and a charm that perfectly blends small town with cosmopolitan city. This is best exemplified on Church Street, which is located on the edge of Logan Circle, right off the bustling 14th Street. This quiet, residential streets combines old homes with modern loft-style condos seamlessly. It’s the perfect place to take time to admire the architecture of the houses, and then turn the corner to 14th Street to be back in the middle of it all.

Logan Circle

Best Green Space:

Logan Circle itself is the best green space in the city. On warm days, the circle is filled with dogs, people lounging on the benches, and groups sitting in the grass having a picnic or reading a book. It really is the daytime social scene of the neighborhood -- especially on weekends -- and it's a great, leafy place to unwind.

Logan Circle

Nearby Grocery Stores:

If you’re looking to grocery shop, you have three large stores within walking distance, and several smaller options available as well. Whole Foods is located on P Street, Giant is in nearby Shaw on 7th Street, and if you’re willing to walk a couple minutes more, Trader Joe’s is on 14th Street, right before U Street. A smaller option is Streets Market, on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and 13th Street, which features a selection of wines, beers, and cheeses, as well as an assortment of essentials.

Logan Circle

Best Bars:

The Logan Circle neighborhood has a wealth of watering holes, both casual and upscale. While the best bar is really in the eye of the beholder, there are a few that are hard not to name. Churchkey is a classic, located on 14th Street and serving over 500 different beers on their menu. This spot is on top of the Birch and Barley restaurant, and you enter through a large wood door on the left of the building, and follow the stairs all the way up. The space is darkly lit but has plenty of bar and booth seating, making it a cute date spot or a late night hangout with friends. If you want a great happy hour (that is still popping long after happy hour is over), you’ll find the after-work crowd at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace and Black Jack -- Pearl Dive Oyster Palace being the restaurant downstairs with a large bar that spills out to the patio, and Black Jack being the bar upstairs, filled with bar games and plenty of space to get a cocktail.

Logan Circle

Best Restaurants:

If you’re looking for a classy place to take a date, look no further than Barcelona Wine Bar on 14th Street, a Spanish Bar and restaurant that’s perfect for small plates and a hearty glass of red wine. The Bird is a must if you enjoy eating outside, as they have both a large patio and a rooftop (covered and heated in the winter). Spotlighting chicken, this place is a cute neighborhood spot located in a converted row house off 11th Street. As a bonus, every time that the executive branch loses a cabinet member, they’ll host drink specials. If you’re into brunch, there’s plenty of delicious options for you, too. Check out The Commissary and Logan Tavern on P Street for the best traditional American fare and bottomless morning cocktails, or visit Slipstream, a hybrid coffee and bar on 14th Street featuring breakfast items like avocado toast, premium coffee, and craft libations.

Logan Circle

What to Do:

Logan Circle is a place that’s perfect for a visit at any time of the day. This time of the year is perfect for a stroll; you can enjoy the fall foliage and daydream about living in a historic row home, then grab some wine and cheese from Whole Foods and have a relaxing picnic in Logan Circle. Later, hit the town to grab some food and drinks at one of the many restaurants and bars on 14th Street.

What do you love about Logan Circle? Let us know in the comments below!