Rosslyn is a neighborhood in Northern Virginia, directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C. It is located within the city of Arlington. 

Though it’s not technically in D.C., the Rosslyn neighborhood in Arlington is so close and so much cheaper to live in (for basically being right next to D.C.), that it’s popular amongst those who work in the District. It's also a popular landing spot for people that wish they could live in the city proper, but have to settle for the next best (and more affordable) thing. 

But even those who had to move to Rosslyn because D.C. was too expensive have found that the extra parking, extra restaurant seating, and more green space are a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. In fact, many who live there have found that spending a weekend entirely in Northern Virginia may actually be quite easy as the scene becomes popular with millennials.

So, whatever the reason you’re in Rosslyn, here is your complete Rosslyn, VA, neighborhood guide. 


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The Vibe:

Rosslyn, VA is a suburb, technically, but it is not really populated by people who would traditionally live in suburbs. Many young professionals and millennials have flocked to Rosslyn because of the cheaper rent. Because of that, it has the vibe of a younger neighborhood, featuring plenty of bars (including plenty of chains), restaurants, and stores that will satisfy your day-to-day needs. It has a definite newer feel to it, as most of the buildings are new developments, and it doesn’t possess any of the history or charm of D.C. itself. That being said, it is very clean, safe, and offers beautiful views of the District. 

Best Green Space:

There are several great parks to check out in Rosslyn. First, head to Gateway Park for great Washington, D.C., views, as well as an amphitheater with many events planned during the summer months. Also, Freedom Park and Dark Star Park are great smaller options that highlight a lot of local art.


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Nearby Grocery Stores:

You’re basically in the (very urban) suburbs so there are grocery store options aplenty for you. Head to Safeway for your everyday needs and Rosslyn Gourmet for a little something special. 

Best Bars:

Ever since this place became a young professional, millennial hub, tons of bars have popped up. If you’re really into your alcohol, like craft cocktails and beers, and a whole lot of whiskey, Barley Mac may be just right for you. During the summer, many locals frequent the Continental Beer Garden, which has fun outdoor space equipped with lawn games, picnic tables, and many beers on tap. 

Best Restaurants:

Rosslyn -- and Northern Virginia in general -- is a great place for brunch. We’re not exactly what it is that draws the mimosa-drinking crowds away from D.C. and into Rosslyn, but maybe it’s just a more comfortable atmosphere. Looking for Southern comfort food (for brunch or otherwise)? Tupelo Honey is a must for your chicken and waffles fix. If you’re wanting to try something a little more upscale, check out Amuse at Le Meridian, which features elevated American and French food with a fantastic wine list.


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What to Do: Come to Rosslyn for the emerging restaurant and bar scene, to view the city landmarks from afar, and find a parking spot that won’t cost you $25 an hour. 

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