Why is it so hard to get kids to do their chores? Should they be compensated for doing said chores, or no?

Welcome to the OCN Parental Composure Podcast, a no-nonsense look at some of the entertaining yet challenging aspects of parenting. Mike and Elise will discuss a variety of practical topics mixed in with some humor and, of course, parenting anecdotes. Listen, laugh, and learn while, hopefully, walking away with a renewed strength for facing another week as a parent in today's society. 

In Episode 12, Joy and Mike discuss the troubles of getting the kids to put down the devices and help clean up the house. Some people think that kids doing chores is an option, while other people think doing chores is a MUST! Where do you stand? Also, do you think kids should be compensated? Joy and Mike touch on all of those questions, while also trying to think creatively how to get the kids to pitch in and help without the sassy attitudes. 

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