In this episode, Elise talks about some of the ways she dealt with postpartum depression and discusses how serious it really is. 

Welcome to the OCN Parental Composure Podcast, a no-nonsense look at some of the entertaining yet challenging aspects of parenting. Mike and Elise will discuss a variety of practical topics mixed in with some humor and, of course, parenting anecdotes. Listen, laugh, and learn while, hopefully, walking away with a renewed strength for facing another week as a parent in today's society.

In episode 9, Elise and Mike mix things up by addressing one of the most serious topics yet—postpartum depression. Elise talks about some ways she dealt with postpartum depression after childbirth and explains how serious of a condition it really is. Then, Elise and Mike briefly discuss how having a baby doesn't need to be the fall of your career and professional hopes and dreams. 

What are some ways you have dealt with postpartum depression?

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