Once a popular Saturday night date destination, drive-in movie theaters are now a dying breed. But we’ve found three that are hanging on.

Pack up the kids and load up the car. Everyone needs to experience a drive-in movie at least once in their lifetime! Here are three drive-in theaters still operating in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Union Market Drive-in

[caption id="attachment_9414" align="aligncenter" width="719"]drive-in Courtesy of The 202[/caption] 1309 5th Street NE Washington, D.C. 20002 $10 parking fee | Free for walk-ins This theater (sadly) only averages one showing per month through November. But there’s good news, too: they already have their film schedule all lined up! June 1 | Clueless July 6 | Like Water for Chocolate August 8 | Black Panther Sep. 7 | The Lion King Oct. 5 | Cool Runnings

Bengies Drive-in Theatre

[caption id="attachment_9415" align="alignnone" width="720"]drive-in Courtesy of Katie's Cars and Coffee[/caption]
3417 Eastern Blvd.
Baltimore, MD 21220
General Admission varies ($5- $10) |Children, age 4 to 10: $5
Around since 1956, this theater claims to be biggest continually-operated theater screen in the nation. It has triple features on Fridays through Sundays, and the movie schedule varies from week to week, based on what movies are currently in theaters. Check their website for this week’s schedule!
[caption id="attachment_9416" align="alignnone" width="762"]drive-in Courtesy of Groupon[/caption]
5890 Valley Pike U.S. 11 Stephens City, VA 22655
Adults: $8 | Children, age 3 to 11: $4
This pet-friendly theater is only open on weekends. It, too, has been in operation since 1956 and offers many “classic” features (a playground, car speakers, retro pre-show music) and “modern” features, too (digital projection, movie stereo sound, and concessions). Check their website for each week’s scheduled movies!
Have you been to one of these theaters? What was your experience like? Tell us about it!

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