From Bowie to Baltimore, Marylanders pronounce words much differently than the states around us. Here are the top five places that Maryland residents pronounce wrong. 


To start off our list, we shall start with the town that confuses everyone from out of state: Bowie. Marylanders say it like the marker that is often found floating on lakes: buoy. However, the rest of the world will say bow-ee, like the famous English musician and actor David Bowie. This causes confusion for residents just moving to the state because there’s no U or extra O to guide us.


Locals in any major city often pronounce the name much different than any outsider. Just like how New Orleans is N’leans to its residents, Baltimore turns to Bawldy-more when said by a true Marylander. Maybe then it’s time for the Baltimore Ravens to become the Baldymore Bald Eagles?


Now, ask anyone who hasn’t visited Europe how to pronounce this town, and they will say Th-aims—like James but with a Th instead of a J. But if you have visited our motherland of Ye Old England, then you know that the correct pronunciation is Tims, like the shortened version of Timothy. Th-aims makes much more sense looking at the word, but maybe we should pay homage to the country that we stole it from.


By the looks of it, this town name would be pronounced Toe-son, like what happens when a car is parked in front of a fire hydrant. But in Maryland, the town and corresponding university are pronounced Tau-son like the Greek letter used in fraternities. Maybe the Towson University’s Greek life influenced the way we say it?


Last but not least, the state itself is an enigma. It looks pretty straight-forward: Merry-land. However, no one in this state says it like that. The “D” at the end is often left off to form Mary-lin, but sometimes people say it in such a rush that there’s just no time for two syllables. This forms Merlin, pronounced exactly like the talented wizard from the legend of King Arthur.

Basically, what we have learned here is that any words taken from the U.K. will be pronounced incorrectly. Also, we are the makers of rules, not the followers of them.

What are some words that you as a Marylander pronounce differently that didn’t make this list? If you moved here, what words or names confused you in the beginning? Leave a comment, and let us know!