Prom season is just around the corner for high school students, and people in the DMV area are paying it forward with charitable acts.

Prom season is known for elegant gowns, long limos, and flower corsages. It's also known for racking up quite the price tag! Between buying tickets for the event, buying a dress, and splitting a limo with friends, students can easily pay hundreds of dollars. Some have criticized proms for excluding low-income students who cannot throw out large amounts of money for the event. But thankfully, charitable people in the DMV area are paying it forward to help make prom attire more accessible! Last month, a Maryland high schooler posted on Twitter that she was offering her prom dress for free for someone in need. She said, "HI i’m willing to let a girl in *need* use my prom dress. USE FOR THE NIGHT. I need you to be in MD, specifically glen burnie or close to. I have shoes for you as well as a makeup artist if you need that as well. IM NOT CHARGING YOU ANYTHING, JUST HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!!!!" [caption id="attachment_8618" align="aligncenter" width="577"]prom season Courtesy Mika Riddick: Twitter[/caption] Many other girls were inspired by her charitable spirit and offered up their prom dresses from all over the world. The original tweet garnered over 37,900 likes and 13,700 retweets. Continuing with the generosity, TLC's "Say Yes to the Prom" initiative held an event in Washington, D.C., last week where hundreds of students picked out free dresses and tuxedos for their prom. The event had over 2,000 dresses and many suits for the kids to choose from. The students were chosen because of their academic achievements and community involvement. One student told WUSA9 that this event took such a big weight off everyone's shoulders. A prom dress alone can easily cost over $200 -- and that's before you factor in shoes, makeup, and hair! And if you're like me, your dress will sit in the closet after prom season, never to be worn again.
If you're still in need of a prom dress in the DMV area, don't worry! Fashion Forward, a Prince George's County-based organization, will be holding a prom dress event on April 22. The event will feature donated dresses, handbags, and shoes for students in need. The exact time is not yet available, and Fashion Forward is asking interested participants to sign up ahead of time here. Fashion Forward says, "Prom night is often one of the highlights of a high school career, and we believe all seniors should feel fashion-forward and phenomenal this night!" We love the waves of support and charity around prom season! Every high schooler should be able to enjoy a night of fun regardless of their financial situation. If you would like to donate your dress, reach out to Fashion Forward and other similar charitable organizations to help someone enjoy their prom in a stylish dress or tuxedo! What do you think? Are you inspired to offer up your prom dress? Do you think prom is overrated? Leave a comment below!

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