Let’s spice things up this year!

Here are 16 different ways to carve and decorate your Halloween pumpkin!

Porcupine Pumpkin:

pumpkin porcupine

Mini Vampire Pumpkins:

vampire pumpkin

Cannibal Pumpkin:

cannibal pumpkin carving

Cookie Cutter Pumpkins:

pumpkins with cookie cutter shapes

Pumpkin Dioramas:

pumpkin diorama

pumpkin diorama

Celtic Pumpkins:

celtic pumpkins

Pumpkin Teeth:

pumpkin with buck teeth

Pumpkin Messages:

pumpkins with words

Color-Block Pumpkin:

color-block pumpkin

Epsom Salt Pumpkin:

epsom salt pumpkin

Glazed Pumpkin:

glazed pumpkins

Lollipop Pumpkin:

lollipop pumpkin

Night Owls:

owl pumpkin

Wicked Witch:

witch pumpkin

Monogram Pumpkin:

monogram pumpkin

Have fun with your pumpkin this year! We'd love to see your fun designs! Leave a photo in the comments!