We've heard of green eggs, ham, beer, and even rivers, but here's something you've probably never thought would be green.

Last year, January 2020, a white shepherd mama, Gypsy, welcomed a litter of eight pups, and to the surprise of everyone, the fourth pup was green. Shana Stamey and her family who live in North Carolina were a bit alarmed when they saw the puppy. But once assured all was well, they knew exactly what to name him: "He was lime green and super mad, so yeah, he became Hulk."

According to Pawzy.co, the green hue on some puppies is caused simply by—poop. The meconium in the puppy's first bowel movement can cause this discoloration of the fur, especially if its fur is light in color. This occurs in their individual sac, so that's why an entire litter doesn't come out looking green. And not to worry, this doesn't cause any harm to the puppy and the color will eventually fade.

As for Hulk, the last update we found was about a month after he was born and he was sporting a different color. The green was fading, but turning a Pikachu yellow. As for himself and the rest of his brothers and sisters, they had plans to be adopted. With a little luck of the Irish on their side, we hope they all found forever homes and that Hulk is still sporting a little green this St. Patrick's Day

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