The Renwick Gallery will host “No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man,” displaying experimental art built for the annual desert gathering.

Every year around Labor Day, a section of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert is transformed into the annual Burning Man Festival, an event that draws more than 70,000 people. Sporting a bohemian-like culture and scene, the festival features the music of bands and DJs while many people walk around naked through the grounds, browsing the art installations that others have brought -- many of which will be burned in ritualistic fashion on the final night of the event. Burning Man is truly an experience like no other. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="7525,7524"] Now area residents who have not had the opportunity to go to Burning Man will get a taste of it at the Renwick Gallery’s “No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man” exhibit kicking off on March 30. Whether you're just dying to go to Burning Man or you're just an art buff who appreciates contemporary, experimental artwork, through January 21 you will have the chance to see what the underground festival is all about.
Renwick’s Burning Man exhibit will feature large-scale installations by artists such as David Best and art collectives such as Five Ton Crane and Fold Haus, all of which stood at one time in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.  Artworks will also be on display outside within the Golden Triangle business district. Other events happening in conjunction with the exhibit include an opening night party on March 29, a walking tour and open house on March 30, a gallery talk with curator Nora Atkinson on April 25, an artist talk with sculptor David Best on May 3, and another walking tour on May 18.  Click here to learn more about the exhibit. Have you been to Burning Man before? If so, we'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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