If you need something wholesome to watch, tune in to Patrick Stewart's Twitter, where he recites one Shakespeare sonnet every day.

I have always loved Shakespeare. I find his plays and sonnets spellbinding and the language beautiful. Most of us read Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet in high school. But even if you aren’t interested in Danish princes or walking forests, I suggest giving Willy Shakes one more try: head over to Sir Patrick Stewart’s Twitter page.  

A few days ago, the 79-year-old Star Trek and X-Men actor took to Twitter to do a beautiful rendition of Sonnet 116.  “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom” is a message we can all get behind now that it feels like doom surrounds us. More than a million views later, the Royal Shakespeare Company veteran has decided to recite one sonnet a day.

Along with his long stage career and this wonderful scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Sir Stewart is a practiced hand with the work of the Bard.  He played Claudius alongside David Tennant in the 2009 BBC production of Hamlet and was absolutely mesmerizing in the title role of the Peabody-winning TV production of Macbeth

So, brighten your quarantined days with a bit of Shakespeare straight from Professor Xavier! Also, assuming he keeps up the one-a-day pace, April 8th should be a welcome rendition of “Shall I compare you to a summer’s day.” 

Have you been tuning in to Sir Stewart's Twitter for some daily Shakespeare? What other Twitter feeds should we be following right now? Tell us in the comments!