Sound like the Bee's Knees in 2020!

It's been nearly 100 years since the Roaring Twenties, an era where flappers, speakeasies, and mobsters reigned supreme. It was also a time where there was a cultural shift away from tradition into a "modern" age of rebellion, which came in the forms of the cinema, radio, automobiles, jazz, and, most importantly, new slang terms.

Not surprisingly, many of the terms used in the 1920s were related to alcohol—you know, since Prohibition was a thing and banned the importation and manufacturing of alcohol between 1920 and 1933. (Hey, peeps had to get their giggle water somehow!)

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So, as we get ready to enter the '20s again in 2020, we're desperately wanting to bring some of those terms (and maybe even some fashion fads) back! We've listed out our favorite words/phrases from the Roaring Twenties below.


To walk.


A woman who is spirited, strong-willed, lively.


The best. Synonym to Bee's Knees.

Bee's Knees

The best. Synonym to Berries.


Refers to an individual who is a prude or a killjoy.

Butt Me

Another way of saying, "I'd like a cigarette."


Nope, it's not money. It's a kiss, a smooch.


A dollar. Also, see KaleMazuma, and Voot.

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A young guy who is unemployed and spends his days sleeping away.


Very good.

Dumb Dora

Refers to a woman who may not have a lot going upstairs, if you know what I mean.

Giggle Water

A word for alcohol, booze.


An engagement or wedding ring. (Seems appropriate!) Also, see Manacle.


It could mean one of two things: an automobile that guzzles gas, or a losing horse.


A word for perfect.

Iron One's Shoelaces

A way to excuse oneself to the restroom.


Okay, fine. Example: "Don't worry, everything's jake."

Jorum of Skee

A swig of booze, particularly hard liquor.


Money. Also, see Clams, Mazuma, and Voot.

Know Your Onions

To know what's going on, staying up-to-date with the latest news.


A wedding ring. Also, see Handcuff.


Money. Also, see Clams, Kale, and Voot.

Mrs. Grundy

An individual who's uptight, straight-laced.

Noodle Juice


Oliver Twist

Someone who is a talented dancer.

On a Toot

On a bender.


To be drunk. See Zozzled.

Panther Piss


Petting Pantry

A movie theater/cinema.

Phonus Balonus

A way to say, "That's nonsense!"


A dance party for young kids, in high school or college.


A doughnut.


An event/action of great importance.

Tell It to Sweeney

What you say when you believe something is untrue. (We have no idea who Sweeney is ...)


Snobby, arrogant.


Money. Also, see Clams, Mazuma, and Kale.


To be drunk. See Ossified.

Which of the above 1920s slang terms will you be adding to your repertoire? Are there any words or phrases that we forgot on our list? Share them with us in the comments below.