The live stream eagle cam tells a sad story after the only eaglet is confirmed dead. 

The Standley Lake live stream eagle cam has been the ultimate reality TV series for their public following, with a sad finding that the only eaglet, SL1, was found dead after the nest collapsed sometime Wednesday afternoon. Because eagles are federally protected, the eaglet is being taken to the National Eagle Repository at Rocky Mountain Arsenal. 

On the morning of Wednesday, May 13, the active eaglet was captured on the eagle cam in the nest, but later that afternoon the 5-week-old eaglet was found dead after the nest collapsed. It's believed that an old cottonwood that the nest rested on split down the middle causing the collapse. There was no information provided on the whereabouts of the mother and father. 

As silent yet engaged spectators, we've seen everything in the last year from the first happy eagle couple lay three eggs, to a second female eagle (named F420) break up the happy couple and kick the first female out of the nest, to the new female (F420) and same male lay two eggs, losing one but hatching an eaglet in April 2021. And now, five weeks later, the tragic death of their only eaglet, named SL1, after the nest collapsed sometime on Wednesday afternoon. And it has all been played out on the eagle cam for all to witness.

It is a reminder that yes, in fact, real life is being played out in all its glory and heartache even on the live stream eagle cam at Standley Lake. Experts say that it is not uncommon for eagles to return to their nests and rebuild. Such is life and a good reminder for us all. 

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