The sad, the bad, and the ugly ...

With Black Friday shopping looking different in 2020, we wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on the sheer craziness of years past. And man, the things people will do just to get a good deal is pretty mindboggling, to be honest. Is it really worth hurting yourself and/or others just to get a discount on a toaster? I don't think so!

We've found several Black Friday video compilations from over the years, all of which you can view below! Please note that some of the videos are only available on YouTube and have age restrictions.

Black Friday Shopping in 2019:

Black Friday Shopping in 2017:

Black Friday Shopping in 2015:

Black Friday Shopping in 2013:

What do you think about the Black Friday shopping videos above? Have you ever experienced something like that before? How has your shopping experience changed in 2020? Leave a comment below.