Washington, D.C., residents clearly know you need a large salary to be rich in the city, but a new report shows just how much you need to make.

From the diverse food to the local culture and history, living in Washington, D.C., is amazing, but one thing that's always tough is the high cost of living. It should come as no surprise then that Business Insider found you need to make a hefty salary to be considered rich. Business Insider examined 42 U.S. cities to see what salary you would need to make in order to be seen as rich. The magazine defined rich as being within the top 20 percent of income earners in each city. Nationally, rich people make $118,080, which is more than twice the average national salary of $59,039. In Washington, D.C., you would need to make $191,686 a year to be within the top 20 percent of earners. If you wanted to join the one-percenters, you would need to make $544,719. The median income in the district is $95,843. Washington, D.C., had the third highest salary for being considered rich, only to be beaten by San Francisco and San Jose. San Jose clocked in as No. 1, with residents needing to make $220,080 per year in order to be considered rich. Washington, D.C., beat other large metropolitan areas such as Boston, Seattle, Baltimore, New York City, and Chicago. People who want a taste of upper-class life without the crazy salary requirements should head to Memphis, Tennessee. This city had the lowest salary needed to be considered rich at $99,618. These high requirements might be hard for many Washington, D.C., residents to swallow, especially with all the nonprofit and government workers in the city. Here's to hoping! To check out Business Insider's full report, check here. What do you think? Surprised by how much you need to make? Let us know in the comments below!

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