Learn all about the eerie legend behind the Eastern Shore's Snow Hill Inn!

In the small town of Snow Hill, Maryland, there are great people, beautiful outdoor spots, and a charm that you won't forget! However, there is one piece of Snow Hill that's often the source of dark stories and intrigue—the question of whether or not the Snow Hill Inn (a big, dull yellow, historic house) is haunted! 

According to Chesapeake Ghosts, the inn was built around 1835, and in the years since, it has gone through many stages and uses—as a home, a post office, an apartment building, and (obviously) an inn! But things took a worse turn in the late 1800s when the building came into the possession of the Aydelotte family. Dr. John S. Aydelotte and his wife had a son, William, who was attending pharmacology school in Baltimore. While in school, William had become sick and struggled with his grades, as a result. And for reasons that people have debated for more than a century since, William took his own life in his Baltimore room, and his body was found by the owner.

After falling out of the hands of the Aydelotte family, new owners converted the family home into an inn. Shortly afterward, the new owners experienced multiple instances of unexplainable activity. They would hear someone roam the halls ... fire alarms would be set off for no reason ... windows would be shut ... a figure would appear in mirrors ... beds would be shaken with people in them ... candles would be blown out ... fireplaces would suddenly be lit ... lights would turn on and off ... It was enough to scare the dickens out of anyone!

Many people believe that William is the source of all the strange activity—that he "came home" after he ended his life. Either way, the story of the Aydelotte family and the strange occurrences that happened in the Snow Hill Inn after William's death has made a piece of my small hometown pretty famous and a site of intrigue for many people who are curious about the paranormal!

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