Raise a glass to freedom!

I’d like to believe that when the post-election dawn breaks on Wednesday, November 4, there will be a clear presidential winner and all of this contentious election business will be soundly behind us for another four years. But who am I kidding? Guys, it’s 2020. We won’t be that lucky.

Not to mention, no matter which candidate wins, the other party is going to lose their s***. Half of the U.S. is going to threaten to move to Canada, while the other half is super-smug. If only we could all be mature and classy, win or lose. If only.

There’s no way to predict the future and what exactly the outcome will be (did America learn nothing from 2016?). There's no way to know how soon we'll even know the results of the presidential race (2000, anyone?). Furthermore, we don’t really know if the losing party’s candidate will even accept the outcome.

But what we can ensure you is that if you play OCN’s 2020 Presidential Election Night Drinking Game on November 3, you will get plenty tipsy—maybe enough to sleep away the following day. And what a mercy that would be.

Disclaimer: Our Community Now does not support binge-drinking or underage drinking. Please drink responsibly and know your limitations.*

With all that said, here's the...

2020 Presidential Election Night Drinking Game

1. Tune into election results coverage on one of the major news networks.

2. Pour yourself a large drink of your choice.

3. Watch and listen to the coverage closely, and drink according to the following:

Take 1 sip if/when you hear the words:
  • “too close to call”
  • “swing state”
  • “polls are closing”
  • “voter turnout”
  • "early voting"
  • "unprecedented times."
  • “[insert news network name here] is now projecting that ...”
Take 2 sips if/when:
  • there's a discussion regarding electoral college vs popular vote
  • the margin of error "triggers an automatic recount"
  • you hear or see the phrase “the path to 270.”
  • a commentator starts playing around with a big touchscreen of the United States
  • a commentator starts solving theoretical math problems with projected electoral votes
  • somebody in the background of a candidate's watch party realizes they're on-camera and starts acting awkward
  • a commentator starts getting obviously giddy with the results
  • a commentator starts getting obviously agitated with the results
Finish your drink if:
  • there is any reference to “hanging chads”
Pour yourself a new drink if: 
  • Kanye wins.