Is there anything better than a goofy dog trying to get away with something?

Sometimes, you just need a good dog video (or 10!). Here are some of the sweetest, funniest, and downright silliest dog videos we could find to help put a smile on your face. Make sure you have the sound up!

This poor little guy just can't catch a break. I feel you, dude, it's just one of those days.

Denver the Golden Retriever is the perfect example of a dog with no chill. He should probably stay away from the poker table.

Some dogs really hate getting a bath... this is not one of those dogs. Is anyone else wanting a chamomile bath bomb right about now?

I don't know about you, but this is probably what my dogs would do, too! 

If you want a cool carbonara recipe video, check out this one by Blue Apron's Chef Panda. He's pretty handy around the kitchen!

This guy is clearly part Wookie, part 3-year-old human. Would you be embarrassed, or are you immune to tantrums?

There's ASMR for people who like the soothing sounds of paper rustling, crunching, or tapping ... then there's dog ASMR. Enjoy!

Michael Phelps, eat your heart out. These two Boston Terriers show you that your breed doesn't necessarily dictate whether you're a water dog or not.

When it comes to tough guys, sometimes size doesn't matter. This little puppy is pretty precocious, don't you think?

Last but certainly not least, here's Pancho, a Chihuahua who's not too sure he likes his new boots.

Do you have a fun video of your pooch up on Youtube? Share a link with us in the comments—we could all use a good laugh!