We asked, you answered!

We recently took to social media to find out what you, our readers, are doing to help deal with being locked down on a daily basis. Here are some of the weird things that have become commonplace in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Our daily vernacular has taken on a surreal twist. Does anyone else feel like they're in the middle of a Ray Bradbury novel?

"Anybody got a hookup on Clorox wipes?"

"When this is all over..."

"Honey, have you sprayed down the mail?"

We're getting creative about how to stay entertained. From taking long walks to elaborate pillow forts, fun is taking on a whole new meaning.

Talk about emotional baggage! Even what we consider daily essentials has changed.

"I always carry a bottle of Lysol, hand sanitizer, and alcohol wipes in my purse now."

Grocery shopping has become an urban safari as we all hunt down the same few items. Especially in the early months, when finding toilet paper was like panning for gold, stumbling across hand sanitizer was like spotting a chupacabra.

One of the biggest changes that we've all grappled with is wearing a mask out in public. They're annoying (we get it), but they're also keeping our droplets contained, so there's that!

"I can't believe I'm putting on a mask and going into a bank."

"Trying to hold in allergy-related sneezes or coughs so people don't think I'm some kind of Typhoid Mary is the worst."

Not everything is bad news though; for some reason, we're all baking and getting rather good at it! The downside of that is The Great Yeast Shortage of 2020.

What has become part of your "new normal" lately? Let us know in the comments!