If Halloween reflects the year we've had, we're in serious trouble.

Whether it's Joe Exotic, murder hornets, presidential candidates, dumpster fires, or a deadly virus, everything that characterizes 2020 is about to come together on Halloween. Check out these somewhat-iffy 2020-themed Halloween costumes.

1. Joe Exotic, the Tiger King

Nothing says Halloween 2020 like Joe Exotic. Here's how we would assemble a Joe Exotic costume.

Pair this shirt:

sequined shirt

With this wig set:

tiger king wig


2. Sexy College Scandal Mom / Prison Inmate

*cough* Lori Loughlin *cough*

Yandy's exclusive "Mom of the Year" College Scandal Inmate Costume is a guaranteed freak show. 

Lori Loughlin costume

Courtesy of Yandy

3. 2020 Presidential Candidates

No matter who wins the election, he'll be the oldest president in the history of the U.S. Maybe it's time to start looking away from the Boomer generation for the 2024 election? Just a thought. 

men with walkers

Find your inflatable walker here.

4. Karen

For the Karen costume, we've come up with a couple of options. If you want a tamer version, simply pair this wig:

karen wig


with this shirt:

karen shirt

Or, you can live dangerously and channel the most evil Karen you can imagine, here.

5. COVID-19

Yeah, I know. But we had to. Find it here.

covid costume

6. CDC Worker in Hazmat Suit

I know, I know. The coronavirus isn't funny. But it is scary. And what better way to sum up the year we've had than with a Hazmat costume? Plus (and hear me out), you'll be the safest person at any party or gathering you may attend. Win-win.

hazmat costume

7. Quarantine Couch Potato

There's nothing as creepy as the-typical-quarantined-American-adult-circa-April-2020. We all want to forget what we looked like. But Walmart (most fittingly) has brought the memory to life:

couch potato costume

8. The COVID-19 Test

So there's no road map for this one. Nobody's yet developed a Halloween costume depicting the dreaded COVID-19 test. But if you can think outside the box and somehow make yourself look like a cotton swab (bonus points for a test tube), you'll be well on your way to being one of the most intimidating characters this Halloween.

covid-19 test kit

9. Carole Baskin

I love that the Amazon description of this blonde wig and flower crown is simply "Adult Women's Activist of Big Cats Wig With Flower Crown." But say no more. We all know who you mean.

carole baskin wig

Pair it with a pink animal print blouse like this one, and you'll be askin' for a Baskin.

10. Dumpster Fire

I mean, guys ... We literally had dumpsters on fire this summer.

dumpster fire

8. Murder Hornet

For the over-achiever, this murder hornet costume will run you over $1,100. But it's intense. Just like murder hornets. 🤷‍♀️

hornet costume

9. The Work-From-Homer

This one's easy. How did you dress for your Zoom meetings during the lockdown? Boxers with a dress shirt? Pajama pants with a suit coat? Just—for the kids' sake—at least keep it decent.


Courtesy of Twitter

10. Corona in a Cape

Such a perfect metaphor.

corona costume

Also, this: (but with more social distancing)

Corona six-pack

Courtesy of justbeerapp

11. Naked Man

This one is a frickin' gem.

12. Homeless Prince Harry and Meghan

Just a little nod to Harry and Meghan's exit from the Royal Family and subsequent country-hopping ... And this satirical piece from The Onion is hilarious.

prince harry

Courtesy of theonion.com

Find your Harry and Meghan masks here. The homeless-looking clothing is up to you.

13. Falling Stock Market

Red duct tape? Check. Easy-peasy.

stock market costume

Via Pinterest

14. Clorox and Friends

Clorox is joined by its mortal frenemies Bio-Hazard Waste and Bacteria. But Clorox is the real MVP this year. Here's how to make it.

Clorox costume

15. Hand Sanitizer


You can get your own hand sanitizer costume here.

What do you think? Which was your favorite? What other costume would shout 2020? Tell us in the comments!