Billie Shelley has survived the Polio epidemic and World War II. She shares a message to seniors graduating during the coronavirus pandemic. 

At 93 years old, Billie Shelley has seen many changes in the world—she's also lived through the Polio epidemic in elementary school and her high school graduation got canceled due to World War II. She witnessed similar shortages of medical equipment, the darkness of war, and describes the fear felt through those tough times. 

With high school and college seniors across the country missing out on their own graduations due to the coronavirus pandemic, Shelley shares a sweet message to seniors, letting them know that they'll make it through this. As she shares in the video, "These are scary times for everybody, but you'll get through it, just have faith."

Hear her message shared with CNN below:

"My advice to the graduates now ... you don't know what the future is going to hold or bring but you have to have a prayer, or a vision in your mind of what you want to achieve and go for it, keep trying."

A simple message but sweet and true. Sometimes, looking to the past for inspiration on how to navigate the future is just what we need to do. 

"I graduated in very scary times, but I turned out okay, and I'm proud to be here," she said.

Let us know what you think about this woman's kind words to the 2020 graduating class. Also, please share any other stories like Billie's in the comments, along with any words of encouragement you have for the 2020 senior class.