"What you say is not as important as the bookcase behind you."

As the world transitions to making video conferencing the norm (for now at least), sometimes it's not as much about what is being said in the meeting as what is sitting behind you in the meeting. Your collection of books suddenly takes center stage, and the pressure is on. 

“Bookcase Credibility” @BCredibility is a Twitter account that ruthlessly and uproariously roasts and rates the different background bookcases shown on live television interviews. The account launched a few weeks ago. and it is a scathing, hilarious, and genius thread we hope never ever ends. From decoding the contents of the shelves to delving into the deeper meaning behind where the bookshelf is placed in the room, this account will keep the laughs going for a while. 

This is, hands down, one of the best things we've seen come from the 2020 quarantine.

Check out some of these gems:

The Good







The Bad



The Questionable




Though we could literally spend our entire day on this feed, we think you should explore the genius for yourselves.  

What’s on your bookcase? Have you found yourself rearranging it to give more credibility when you realize it's going to be attending a meeting with you? Give us the scoop in the comments.