Let's learn!

We're always learning. Every week, we pick five things that we just learned and pass the knowledge on to you. From the roots of modern penicillin to some little-known antics of Steve Martin, here are five cool facts we learned today.

TIL the word "Cliché" originates from the clicking sound made when printing plates are used to create the same text over and over. The plates used in this process are also known as "stereotypes." from r/todayilearned
TIL that early in his stand-up career Steve Martin once took the entire audience next door to a McDonald's and ordered 300 hamburgers only to then change the order to 'one small fries' from r/todayilearned
TIL that Opossums can survive up to 80 rattlesnake and coral snake bites. Thanks to them, there is a new and very inexpensive antidote for many different snake venom. In addition, they eat ticks and don't get rabies. from r/todayilearned

Today I learned that chocolate milk is actually more nutritious than orange juice. from r/todayilearned
TIL All modern penicillin can be traced back to a single moldy cantaloupe from a small grocery store in Peoria, Illinois from r/todayilearned

What did you learn today? Did you know any of these facts before? Tell us in the comments!