What is it about Colorado that has inspired all of those end-of-the-world video games, books, movies, and shows?

Colorado is perfect, just ask anyone who lives here. It has everything one needs to live a fulfilled life: gorgeous landscapes, access to tons of year-round outdoor activities, awesome people, great food, even better beer, the list goes on. So, it should be no surprise that Colorado is also the perfect setting for an apocalypse. This is evident in the many different ways Colorado has been depicted in books, movies, television shows, and video games over the years as a place of Armageddon.

The video game Wasteland 3 is the latest to depict our state as a post-Armageddon wasteland. This setting was inspired by the game’s art director, who had spent some time in Denver while the game was being developed. Not everyone who comes here is inspired to create a post-apocalypse wasteland; however, the folks behind Wasteland 3 are not the first, nor will they be the last.

Stephen King set The Stand in Boulder, and that story depicts the city as the last holdout against otherworldly evil. Waterworld depicts Denver as a sunken city; Red Dawn turned a small Colorado town into the site of a standoff with an invading Soviet Union army; and Playstation's Horizon: Zero Dawn game puts a very disastrous spin on the state, depicting it as a place overrun with human hunting machines. These are just a few of the more well-known stories that take Colorado in a post-apocalyptic direction. 

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