"Writer GF and Our Community Now BF"

Since the beginning of February, "GF + BF" memes have been spreading on Twitter. While they've already hit their peak, based on the number of recent "GF + BF" tweets, this meme might never die. For the uninitiated, the "GF + BF" memes, as broken down by StayHipp, are "Twitter memes (which) present hypothetical heterosexual couples, many of whom are defined by opposite or complementary characteristics."

Not quite sure what this is yet? Hold on—here they come: 

This is the format that really kicked it off:

We love this early 2000s throwback version.


Obsessed with this version that combines the GF + BF meme with the Crying Boo meme. 

"Gf who is swan, bf who is also swan" has us undone. 

The most defensible and inarguable of all positions:

As a film major, can confirm.

This tweet is *chef's kiss*

What GF + BF would you pair together? Share in the comments.