The Royal family takes heat for their treatment of Meghan and Harry.

In case you missed it, CBS aired the Oprah-Meghan-Harry interview last night. The personal, intimate interview tackled the racism and mental health issues Meghan and Harry have struggled with and been subjected to as part of the Royal Family, and now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had their say, everyone else has one, too. For a little TL;DR of the interview, we've rounded up the smartest, funniest, and most scathing tweets. 

Let's start with a cheeky thesis statement of that entire interview:

And if the monarchy is, in fact, defeated, here's an idea for what to do with Buckingham Palace:

We get that it's a joke, but also ... Tim Barber is onto something.

And in the spirit of the royal story we know best:

In all seriousness, last night's interview was more than just a bad look for the Royal Family. It was a brutal reminder that the institution of the monarchy is (and perhaps always has been) doing more harm than good. 

And it's been doing damage to its own for decades, at least.

But hopefully, we won't stand for it, not this time. (Something even we non-royals can do? Stop consuming paparazzi photos of the royals.)

Lisa Lucas points out a sobering truth:

As the Washington Post reports, the couple "were about to lose their security services from the palace" just as "a British tabloid had just published their exact location near Vancouver." Where the Royal Family would not step in, close friend Tyler Perry did. 

And that, as CNN writer Saeed Ahmed reminds us, is powerful on multiple levels. 

And while we're talking about Oprah ...

But lest we forget, Meghan is the real hero of the hour. 

And last, but not least: an actual TL;DR.

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