Sounds about right ... 

It's 2020, and that means people are doing all sorts of things that make no sense. So, add this story to the list. A viral trend has sent parents into fits and a lot of kids to the dentist over the last few weeks. Apparently, affixing different things to one’s teeth to simulate vampire fangs is a trend—and a big one. 

A search on TikTok for #VampireFangs and #vampireteeth has garnered tens of millions of views of people in various stages of applying, wearing, or trying to remove the homemade chompers.

To be clear, what we are looking at here is people, and lots of them, using superglue, model glue, acrylic, nail glue, and a variety of other toxic adhesives to attach some sort of fang-like appendage to their teeth. 

Some users shared that it took them hours to get the vampire fangs off, some using chemicals like nail polish remover. One person reported spending almost three hours trying to remove the teeth, and almost pulling out his real teeth as a result. Those who do get them off have ended up with a nasty mess left behind. 

While the fake fangs may achieve the intended purpose of looking like a vampire, they are not a good idea, for a lot of reasons. For starters, these adhesives are not meant to be used on teeth, nor should they be ingested, and the bottles are most likely clearly marked with this information. They can damage the enamel, irritate gums, cause inflammation in the mouth, and even cause chemical burns in some cases. 

Dentists have seen an increase in visits from concerned parents whose children decided to try some fangs on for size, and of course, they are not exactly thrilled about it. If you or someone you know finds themselves in this predicament, please seek help from a dentist before trying any at-home methods of fang removal. 


Denture adhesive can be used as a safe alternative to superglue or toxic adhesives, and orthodontic wax can be used safely as well. Unless one really plans to pursue a life of stalking and biting people for their blood, functioning fangs are not really a must. Denture glue and orthodontic wax will not last as long, but they will take great pictures, achieve that bloodthirsty look, and not damage anyone’s teeth. 

Could it be the cabin fever of the pandemic causing poor decisions? Or is it all just good Halloween fun (after all, who needs all those real teeth and healthy enamel anyway)? Tell us what you think in the comments!