Dr. David Wright uses out-of-the-box thinking to teach physics by lying on a bed of nails, making ice cream, and jumping on a pogo stick.

A college professor in Virginia Beach has gone viral with his out-of-the-box physics demonstrations.

David Wright, 70, of the Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach campus, uses unorthodox methods to teach his students. Admittedly, physics is not an easy subject for many, and as a result, Dr. Wright has made it his goal is to keep his students engaged through lighting things on fire, jumping on a pogo stick, lying down on a bed of nails, and more.

When Erica Church, one of Dr. Wright's students, shared a compilation video of his lessons on the internet, he became an overnight sensation. So far, the video has accumulated over 26.1 million views, 1.7 million likes, and 445,000 shares.

People have even retweeted the tweet to The Ellen Show! (crossing our fingers!)

The seasoned professor has been teaching at the campus since it opened 45 years ago. He says he enjoys science very much and aims to teach the subject in a way that is "fun" for his students. 

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