It's the gateway to your home!

The garage door is probably the last thing you would think to make smart. After all, it doesn't do much besides protect your gardening equipment, your tools, and your car from prying eyes, intruders, and the elements. Yet your garage door actually knows quite a bit about you -- if it only had a brain.
Well, in the age of "smart" everything, it does. But when you think about it, starting with the garage actually begins to make a lot of sense. The garage door can monitor when people are coming and going, who is coming and going, and how often. That means you'll someday be able to set it to your household's coming and going habits and send that information to a "smart" thermostat which can help you save energy. You'll also probably be able to program your home to control interior and exterior lights when the garage door is opened. garage However, the most useful feature of a "smart" garage is its ability to connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled from anywhere. Why? Well, if you accidentally leave your garage door open, it's as easy as hitting a button on your phone to close it, or if you're expecting a large package, you can open the garage for delivery personnel and close it promptly after they leave. It's also helpful for letting the dogsitter in, or other people who may need to access your house when you're away. Some systems even have cameras that connect to your Wi-Fi and thus to your phone so you can check in on your Snap-On toolbox whenever you want. What are your thoughts on your garage door connecting to your Wi-Fi? Do you use a smart garage? Let us know in the comments below!

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