Can you pronounce these Virginia town names?

I have been a Virginian my entire life—beginning in Northern Virginia and then eventually landing and staying in Hampton Roads. And one thing I have discovered that is true and well-known about Virginia is that we have a tendency to choose odd or hard-to-pronounce names for our towns.

For instance, there's Gloucester (G-lou-chest-er?), Charlottesville, Reston (town of resting?), Herndon, and, oh, so many more.

But then there's Fries, Dumfries, Assawoman, Farmville (not the game), and Butts (I … like big butts and I cannot lie).

Most of us are now like:

Courtesy of Giphy

Yes, yes, these are real … I promise you these are real town names. OCN is not playing a joke on you—they are hilarious and very, very real! Just imagine being Mayor of Butts ... (*giggles* I promise I'm an adult). 

Anyway, this channel called It’s a Southern Thing hilariously compiled a list of hard-to-pronounce Virginia town names and then … well, attempted to pronounce them.

They butchered most (if not all) of the names. Our favorite mispronunciation is Kilmarnock (Kill-mar-narc ... I mean, what?). 

What's worse is that I have lived in Virginia my entire life, and I even got some of these wrong (let's be real: all of these except two!). 

Watch the hilarity unfold below:

Courtesy of Giphy

How many did you mispronounce? Which ones did you get right? Tell us in the comments!