There is a petting zoo in Chesapeake.

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Here is something cool about The 757. We have our very own petting zoo equipped with an ice cream parlor: Bergey's Breadbasket. 

Summer is upon us, ladies and gentleman, and you know what that means – ice cream season. And Bergey's delivers! They also provide an assortment of amazing pies, cinnamon rolls to die for, and fresh milk straight from their cows.

My sister and her family are huge fans of Bergey's. When I asked her what she and my nephew thought of Bergey's, this is what she said:

"My son has been visiting Bergey's since before he could walk. It is one of our favorite pastimes to walk through the petting zoo and get an ice cream cone after. We recommend the coconut, anything berry, and the cookies and cream!"

She also sent me pictures of the family on several different occasions at Bergey's, and it's all smiles.

woman holding boy with an ice cream cone

Courtesy of Heather K.

I think I can guess your next question: "Did you say petting zoo?" Yes, yes I did. There are goats, cows, sheep, kittens, and many other animals that live happily on Bergey's farm. Visitors are always welcome and are encouraged to spend time with the animals. 

The Bergey family farm has been around since the early 1900s and has been passed down from generation to generation. They started out by selling their fresh dairy products and meat at a market in Norfolk and then decided to develop their own business around the time of the Great Depression. When a bout of bad luck hit the dairy farm in 2005, they made some tactical decisions and opened up Bergey's Breadbasket, the part of the farm that is a restaurant, and used family recipes handed down by ancestors to stay afloat. To learn more about the Bergey story and for directions and store hours, here is their website.

little boy standing in a field

Courtesy of Heather K

Honestly, I can not think of a better way to spend my summer afternoons than to cuddle with kittens, visit some goats, and eat ice cream. Can you?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Have you been to Bergey's dairy? What other weird facts about "The 757" do you want us to explore? Tell us in the comments!