Hampton Roads is home to the incredible Chrysler Museum of Art and the adjacent Perry Glass Studio.

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Norfolk, Virginia, is stacked with coffee shops, stores, and plenty of things to do. Among the many attractions that the city offers is the Chrysler Museum of Art. Nestled above the Hague and between Ghent and the Neon District, Chrysler Museum stands tall and proud, every room filled with amazing artwork.

The museum was founded in 1933, and during the early '70s, the heir of Chrysler Corporation, Walter P. Chrysler Jr., donated a good portion of his personal art collection to the museum. Jean Outland Chrysler (Walter's wife) was a citizen of our local city before she married into the Chrysler name. 

chrysler museum of art

Courtesy of chrysler.org

As part of the museum, the Perry Glass Studio sits right next door, and there are daily exhibits where the people who work there make glass sculptures and teach lessons. Every day at noon, there is a free-to-the-public glass show at the Perry Studio. Sometimes the artists work on projects of their own invention, or they take ideas from the drawings of local children that visit the museum. 

The Chrysler has so many exhibits that filter through its four walls, and outside of them as well, such as the giant Rubber Duck every May that floats on the Hague. There was an Impressionist exhibit that graced the walls of the museum during autumn that featured a rare Vincent Van Gogh painting that was the sister painting to the famous Starry Night. It was out of this world.

Courtesy of chrysler.org

Coming soon, there is an exhibition for the 50th anniversary of Eric Carle's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar and his other illustrations. Carle's exhibit will be comprised of 80 of Carle's works on the medium of paint and tissue paper. Starting June 14, Carle's Moonlit Nights and Other Illustrations will open to the public to celebrate the illustrator.

Personally, as a big fan of Carle, I can not wait to take my niece and nephews to this exhibit. And the museum makes it easy for busy parents by keeping this exhibit open until September 8.

One of my favorite things about Chrysler is that it is always free. For hours and exhibition details, visit their website here.

Who are your favorite artists? What is your favorite part of the Chrysler Museum? Have you ever visited the Chrysler or the Perry Glass Studio? What are other weird facts about "The 757" that you want us to explore? Tell us in the comments!