Bodegas + cats = awwwwww.

If you ever need a pet fix, you have a few options. You can volunteer at a shelter. Go to a cat cafe. Beg your friend to let you take their pup to the dog park. But Twitter account @Bodegacats_ reminds us that there are cats hidden in plain sight: in your local bodega. Not the four-footed heroes we deserve, but the ones we need, bodega cats might just be the lowkey dose of animal happiness you're looking for.

In these troubling times, what sweet comfort it is to know that as you read this, on your very corner, there might be a cat. Snoozing, licking its tail, knocking things over, winding around a customer's feetβ€”in a word, vibing. Go find yourself a bodega cat, and remember: the real pet fix was the bodega cats we passed along the way.

If you can't race over to a bodega right this minute, or if your hometown is bodega-less, tide yourself over with these li'l buddies, carefully cataloged by @Bodegacats_.

This gentle cat is just keeping an eye on these sodas for you, sir. 

That cat is all of us after a sweets binge.

A little in-store yoga never hurt anybody, right?

There's no way this little guy is dispensing anything but surprisingly caustic advice.

Is that sanitary? Probably not. Is it cute as hell? Correct.

Iβ€”I'm speechless.

A free massage at your local bodega? Get on that!

Which bodega cat is your favorite? Are you clearing your schedule so you can go hang out in a bodega for the next five hours? Tell us in the comments.