Would you like an "I love you" with that? Let's follow this fast-food employee's lead and spread love in our communities.

Since October 2020, Wendy's Assistant Manager April DiDonna has told thousands of customers, "I love you," as they order through the drive-thru. While that sentiment is rare at fast-food restaurants, many customers are responding with the same love.

"To know that the little three words could mean so much to so many people, it's overwhelming my heart with so much more love," DiDonna told CNN. "I truly believe that if we just love each other, the world would be better."

Nearly 3,000 customers have responded with the same, "I love you," and April is continuing to keep a tally. In a community, country, and world with negative news and poor attitudes, she is doing what she can to spread love and not negativity.

The story was first reported by Whidbey News-Times, the local newspaper. At first, April had told a customer she loved him as he ordered. The customer ended up writing a positive survey of his experience.

The following day, April said it again to a female customer. After her order was completed, another staff member called April outside. The female customer was in tears wanting to thank April.

And it spread from there. April tells all of her customers that she loves them. Responses vary, of course, but this act of love has been met with overwhelmingly positive results.

David Antis, senior vice president of operations for WTC Ventures (operating Wendy's restaurants) is said to be proud of the Wendy's assistant manager. "April is a valued team member at our Wendy's restaurant in Oak Harbor, Washington. Her kindness and positivity inspire us all, and we are grateful for the joy that she brings to our customers and restaurant team," he said.

What do you think of this assistant manager telling customers, "I love you?" Would you reply with the same affection? Share in the comments below.